Verse Of The Week : 5 Mar 2024

March 11, 2024

BE FREE – no more fear


“For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear…”

Romans 8:15


God created us with incredible capacity to glorify Him through the gifts He has given us.
However, our minds can sometimes be the greatest barriers that hinder us from stepping into those spaces to give Him glory.
Recently, I personally experienced this.
I was invited join a group bike ride from Charleston, South Carolina to Orlando, Florida, a 450+ mile feat over the course of five days.
I was initially excited, but then fear started to take a grip on me and my thoughts.
“What if I can’t do this?”
“What if something happens to my body?”
I approached a point of seriously considering not doing this ride.
But I went to God in prayer and asked Him for direction.
What I sensed from the Holy Spirit was a clear statement: go for it.
I prayed for another two weeks and continued to sense God wanted me to do this ride.
Fear was holding me back, but eventually I came to the spot to step out in faith and sign up for the ride.

I began to prepare through training in the winter season on my bike, both inside on the trainer and outside in the cold New Jersey weather.
My grandfather used to say, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.”
Preparing well for this bike ride helped build my confidence.
Even when I didn’t want to bike or was very busy, I knew that training now would be the front-end investment to the reward of being well trained to ride what averaged 90 miles a day, five days in a row.

By the grace of God, the bike ride from Charleston to Orlando was amazing!
It was an opportunity to do something that I loved with the One who created me to love biking while riding with others. We didn’t even get a flat tire the whole time, an answer to a specific prayer prayed before our trip.

Perhaps you are feeling called to step out and do something that feels out of your comfort zone.
Be free and don’t let fear hold you back.
Seek the Lord for guidance and when you sense Him saying to go for it, respond in faith and courage and go for it!
He will be with you step by step, or pedal by pedal.
And remember this statement that one of the riders on the trip said, “With Jesus, we always have one more gear!”


  1. Do you have fear holding you back in your life from doing something?
  2. What does it mean to you to be free from fear?

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