Verse Of The Week : 5 Jun 2022

June 6, 2022

Hebrews 11:1

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

God has each given to us the measure of faith needed to be activated and tested in our lives so that we learn to function and thrive in the Kingdom of God.
Faith is the way to live, not by emotional feelings, by physical sight of our circumstances or by simply adopting the ‘let nature takes its course’ attitude.
Faith is indeed the reality of what we hoped for.
Hope and faith goes hand-in-hand.
You cannot have hope without having faith in the one who gives hope. 

There must be the evidence of faith-living in a born again believer.
Without faith, you cannot please God.
Ask yourself, “Are you living to please God?”
If your answer is yes, then you need to live by faith.
It almost seems like a paradoxical statement when we say ‘Evidence of things unseen’.
Evidence usually speaks of physically visual items, yet the writer of Hebrews uses that same word to describe things that are not seen and refer it to faith. Wow! 

If our eyes can see and our mind can decipher and comprehend, then we do not really need to activate much faith, isn’t it? If we can come out with a solution with our human means, then we do not really need faith, isn’t it?
If we can trust our capabilities, our finances and our knowledge, then trusting God is no longer necessary, isn’t it?

How is your faith life today?

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