Verse Of The Week : 23 Apr 2023

April 24, 2023

“for I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God.”

Acts 20:27

Are you running unashamedly of the gospel truth daily?
Are you fully declaring the message of the bible to the world?

Everyone has the right to know the truth and to know what God has purposed for humanity.
The full counsel of God is the will of God, His plans and purposes for humanity and His Kingdom.
When Jesus came to earth, He embodied the whole counsel of God. Jesus was the living word.
He was literally a ‘walking bible’. He breathe and live the word of God.

In Jesus Christ, mankind has a perfect model to emulate, for he embodied God’s word with unwavering fidelity and lived out every detail of it with unparalleled accuracy, offering a living example of how we too can live in accordance with God’s teachings.
Those who reject Jesus and His invitation to salvation by grace, will one day have to face the consequence, which is His wrath and judgement.
Our God is a not only love but a just God.
To share the gospel without touching on divine judgement is simply telling the world that there is hope and a savior but you can continue to live your life unrestrained.

God’s truth needs to be known, every ounce of it.
A half truth or partial truth is no longer the truth, but a lie.
Apostle Paul shared that in the last days, deception will be at its peak because of lawlessness and the desire to shrink away from the truth of God. The greatest lie is a truth that only covers 99.9% authenticity and that is a strategy of Satan, who is the Father of lies.

My prayer is that we be familiar and thorough with the full council of God, His word from Genesis all the way to Revelation, to fully embrace and understand God’s will and His redemptive plans for us.

Isaiah 52:7

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