Written by Richard Pidgley (Birmingham UK)

Richard Pidgley is married to Lynne, has two adult sons and two super cute grandsons. Richard is an AoG minister who leads Millpool Hill Church in Birmingham U.K. Richard has an MA in missional leadership and loves to teach the Word of God. He also loves early morning trail running.

December 21, 2021

After having an issue with my leg, the consultant, during treatment, instructed me to stop running for at least two or three weeks!

And would you believe it?
My comeback to running coincided with a few days of bad weather as ‘Storm Barra’ hit the U.K..
In a few days, the destructive and lethal headwinds brought about damage to property and sadly, loss of lives.

Although I feel like I could run further and more regularly, I have been careful to only run every other day, limiting myself to just 5km each time.
Patience is something that runners in rehab have to learn.
Sometimes, in the day to day busyness of our lives, we fail to be patient as we want everything now and preferably yesterday! 

The Apostle Paul said we are to prove ourselves by our “purity, understanding, patience and kindness; in the Holy Spirit and in sincere love” (NIV, 2 Cor 6:6).

Patience is often formed in the crucible of tribulations (Rom 5:3).

Tough seasons should not be avoided as they bring out the best in us. 
God would rather sacrifice your comfort in order to develop your character! 


In any case, I was up and about running my 5km route this morning just after 5 am.
The rain had stopped but the wind was still blowing powerfully as I ran up the ‘Rollercoaster’,  a road with at least four hills.

The headwind in my face was literally breath-taking and to regulate my breathing, I had to lean into the wind and turn my head sideways to breath in and out.
Headwinds can be punishing as they cause both your legs and your lungs to put in so much more effort.
Headwinds also test your mental strength as your pace drops.
It is as if one comes up against a seemingly invisible and invincible foe. 

Yes, giving up seemed to be the easy choice as the mighty headwind screamed in my face to give in.
Additionally, turning back seemed reasonable in rehab season.
But the words of the Apostle Paul rose up within me, giving me mighty inner courage and strength to press on.

“But one thing I did do: Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead. I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”(NIV, Phi 3:13–14)

Headwinds come to us all in different ways, some are spiritual, physical, mental, financial and emotional .
They are tough, cruel and can feel invincible in the face of them.
Yet, they can be overcome by patience, determination, courage and faith.
The Bible make its resoundingly clear that the child of God who has faith in Christ is destined to overcome all these things.

Despite trials and tribulations, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us (Rom 8:37).

If the Apostle Paul could put up with all the discomforts of his journey – the criticisms, the beatings, stonings, being thrown into jail and even being shipwrecked – and still breakthrough, so can you and I.
Paul had something glorious to ‘press into’, it was the life of victory given to him by Christ, it was the hope of Heaven calling him onwards and upwards through all the storms of life. 

We may live in a different day and culture to the Apostle Paul and our ‘headwinds’ may feel and look different to his, but let me encourage you today to press on toward the prize that is yours in Christ Jesus!

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