Uncompromised Commitment 

Written by Jessica Puerto (Florida, USA)

Jessica Peurto is a single momma of two blessed girls and a full time paralegal, from Florida, USA. She loves to help others and cannot stand injustice. Her passions include running and worshipping the Lord. She has seen God’s hand through His healing, protection and provision.

February 14, 2023

Commitment is state or quality of being “dedicated to a cause, activity”.
For some people being “fully” committed is easy, while others find it difficult.
There are some that believe that being partially committed is worthwhile, rather than not being fully committed at all.
  However, full commitment, without compromise, is the sure fact that you will adhere to your running goals and life’s goals and not deviate from it. 

Yeshua is the perfect example of full commitment, commitment without compromise.
His commitment shows the greatest commitment of all.
HE DIED FOR US, knowing that our sinful ways will hurt him over and over again.
Pilate took Jesus and had him flogged as scripture mentions in John 1:9. 
Jesus resisted satan’s temptations, while being tempted in the wilderness on 3 occasions, as written in Matthew 4:1-11.
Yet through all he endured he established God’s kingdom time and time again.
He persisted, preserved to the end for us, due to his commitment to us, the church, his bride.

Although, Jesus’s greatest commitment to us, is a significantly huge compared to our commitment for running, it can be merely used as an example of our commitment to run.
The ❤️ for running should be evident through our commitment. :

  • The way we prepare and condition our bodies for a goal
  • The times we choose not to eat certain unhealthy junk foods, although we crave them.  
  • The times we get on the pavement when we are discouraged to do so.  
  • How we set our running gear aside a day before a run.  
  • The way we prepare our minds, and speak our mantras as we scurry along in our run.  
  • Our commitment to complete the race we signed up to finish days, weeks or months before.   

Our love for running is seen through our commitment.

“Jesus’s commitment continues be validated”

Our commitment to GOD should be reflective of His unconditional love bestowed upon us.
Jesus loved us so much that He was committed to us until His last breath on Earth.
He was committed not only to us but to His father in heaven.
We can acknowledge that as stated in John 19:30,

“when Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, ‘it is finished!’  And he bowed his head and {voluntarily} gave up his spirit.” 

John 19:30

He was committed to the end while He was living on Earth to both his Father and us.
Jesus’s commitment continues be validated.
For instance, as Jesus also stated that He would leave this world, but He will leave Holy Spirit to be our teacher and comforter.
That commitment still precedes, and it will continue to be so until his return. 

Just as our perfect example of commitment was seen through Jesus’s actions and through the person of Jesus, we should mirror his commitment example.
We should mirror His commitment in our spiritual walk/race that we call life.
We should be strong and not grow weary, walk in our calling, and run this life in righteousness just as Jesus did.
We should choose to be fully committed to the Lord and His works until He returns.

Prayer and Reflection:

  • How should your commitment to God be displayed in the way you live your life?
  • What are some of the compromises that has hindered you from being and effective witness to others?
  • Rededicated your life once again to be fully committed to God and His purposes for your life. 

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