Greater Effort

Written by Tabita Lubliana Suba (Romania)

Tabita is a Christian mother, homeschooling her 2 daughters. She is passionate about Jesus, fitness and all the natural things that can improve our life. I love to influence people with the love of God, that can bring healing, restoration, good mindset, strong vision in life, and good direction.

December 4, 2023

But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”

Luke‬ 10‬:41‬-42‬ ESV‬‬

We live during a time when being busy, doing more, trying to please others by doing becomes our identity, being workers, serving and doing ministries.
We become focused on doing more than on being.
As a result, doing more for God becomes something that we as servants use to increase favor with Him, trying to please God. 

Is this what God desires from us?
Martha was distracted from Jesus by her effort to serve and do things.
In fact, serving Jesus may actually distract us from being with Jesus Himself! 

We have Mary wanting to please Jesus by being with Him, while Martha tries to please Jesus through her service.
Working from His presence is much better than working for His presence.
Mary is at Jesus’ feet.
She is fascinated by Jesus.

Our greater effort should be to protect our hearts from distractions, from bad attachments and keep our hearts on Jesus, loving Him more than anything.
Our focus should not be on ‘doing’, but it should be on loving Christ, connecting to Him, and serving with the right spirit. 

We are called to love each other, to serve each other, to be good workers for His kingdom (Romans 12:9-21) but we cannot love appropriately if we don’t love God first.
Loving God helps us go into the world and love others with His love. 

We are called to be faithful, but we are not able to stay faithful if we don’t gaze upon His beauty and if we are not first fascinated by His glory.
Otherwise, we are just religious, trying to obey the law. 

That is why we need to be, not try to do; not try to be faithful, but to gaze upon Him.
Loving Jesus will make us do more passionately and faithfully for Him because we do not want to disappoint Him.
We should love others because we want them to see Jesus in us, not because we are trying to please them or make them accept us. 

All our greater efforts should be done in the right spirit, loving God, loving what He loves and being a faithful bride.
He is the centre of everything we are called to do.
In this way, we are able to give all the glory to God through our service, not serving ourselves and not stealing a little bit of His glory. 

Therefore, it does not matter what type of ministries you are in, we are first called to ‘be’, created to love God.
Our primary goal is to have an intimate relationship with Jesus and our greater efforts should be to protect our mind and heart from all distractions, even the good ones, and serve with the right spirit – a posture of ensuring that our ‘being’ is taken care of. 

Prayer & Reflection:

  • How are your efforts prioritized in your journey with the Lord? Are you more focused on your ‘being’ or ‘doing’?
  • How can you change the focus of your efforts (if needed)?
  • Why do you think God desires those who love Him over ‘workaholics’ for Jesus?

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    Great reminder. God bless you Tabita. ❤️


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