Knock, Knock? Who’s there?

Written by Margaret Chew (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Magaret Chew was Brand Planner for 20 years. Having left the creative scene in 2018, she is now a Certified Group Exercise Instructor and Trainer with LES MILLS RPM, TRX Training and American Council on Exercise. Margaret is also a triathlete, duathlete and avid hiker.

July 20, 2021

“Knock, knock…who’s there?” 

Most of us have played this game at some point in our lives.

What do we do when there is an actual knock on our doors? We gladly open our doors. Most of the time, that is. It is because in our hearts and minds,  these are people we want to see and welcome, or are beneficial to us.

But what if God comes knocking at our doors? Do we gladly open the doors of our hearts to him? Do we oblige only when it’s to our convenience? Do we acknowledge Him only when our “mood” is good? Or only when He has brought us presents that we have asked for? 

For many years, I have had God knocking on my door.

Being a backslidden Christian, I would look through the peephole and decide if I wanted to let Him in or not – Was I in a good mood? Was I having a bad day? Or has He brought me the “presents” I had been praying for? It was all about me, me and me!

Despite the inconsistency in my behaviour towards Him, God continued knocking on my door faithfully. The truth is I was always aware of His presence in my years of ups and down. Nevertheless, I would only choose to only open the door at my convenience.

Subconsciously, I knew that God would be there knocking on my door, no matter what. It was easy to take Him for granted. There were days when He would knock and knock, and I would persist to ignore and ignore.  I was simply too busy… I had placed Him on the back burner!

However, two years ago, the tables were turned. The memory is still real and vivid today. It was during my 20 days solo trekking trip to complete the Everest Circuit in Nepal. The circuit would take me to four different summits above 5400 meters and these summits would be conquered back to back!

This encounter happened on the 11th day, after having ascended from 3,300 meters on day 1 to 5,550 meters on day 11. I had been up for almost 12 hours continuing another set of ascend. I was exhausted and I neither wanted to nor believed I could finish it any longer.

ALONE was the feeling I felt! I threw my day pack on the ground and fell on my knees crying. I just did not have the strength left in me any more!

It was at that moment – at my most fragile, feeling lonely and powerless, and brought to my knees with tears streaming down my cheeks – that I finally cried out to God.

“I cannot do this on my own! Please help me! Please show me grace and mercy, O God!”

It was my turn to knock on His door! In a dramatic turn of events, a sudden gush of strong wind came from behind me within seconds. At this point, I heard a little voice whisper, 

“Pick up your bag”. 

I looked up, strapped my backpack on and the wind carried me through for the next two hours until I arrived at my next destination. I felt all my exhaustion lifted, and there were no more burden on my shoulders. I felt a profound sense of peace and an innate knowing that I would make it.

I knew there and then, without a doubt, that God had answered the door when I knocked. God made His presence felt with me from that day on and throughout the entire circuit. I knew this was His way of saying to me,

“I have always been knocking on your door, looking out for you, no matter how you had behaved towards me. It’s time to come home to me. Do not be a wandering Christian any more!”

That was in November 2019. I returned to His path right after, diligently listening and trusting Him ever since. I no longer wait for Him to knock on my door any more. Instead, I am constantly knocking on His!

We may have wandered off for a bit like the sheep that strayed from its flock. I now know that the shepherd will indeed leave 99 sheep in search of that one lost animal to reunite it with His flock (Matt 18:10-14, Luke 15:3-7).

Deep in our hearts, we must know that God is constantly knocking on the door of our hearts. And at times, we may hesitate to answer or ignore that knock altogether.

Our Lord is gracious and full of mercy. He has always given us choices that will either lead us back to Him or continue to wander for a while. Which path will you take?

Points to ponder:

Are you currently in a situation where you know God is reaching out to you, but for some reason, you have not answered?

Has God been placed on your back burner – “I am not home now, stop knocking on my door.”. Are you spiritually lethargic, too busy or just not in the mood?

Are we consciously seeking Him or only when it is at our convenience? 

Be encouraged:

We were never meant to walk this path nor run the race of faith alone.

Know that He has given us the choice – so choose wisely by God’s wisdom

God is ever gracious, ever merciful!

Let the word of God speak to you:

Luke 11:9 – So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Luke 11:10 – For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

Matthew 7:7-12 – Keep Asking, Seeking, Knocking

Matthew 21:22 – And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive

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