Don’t stop!

Written by Kok Wai (Singapore)

A dad who chooses to be self-employed, so he can literally watch his 2 kids grow up. From a trained web designer to a professional photographer, now videographer and media trainer, he has experienced God's providence time and again.

November 23, 2021

All joggers and runners know that one cannot run a marathon without training.
It starts from a short distance and builds up over time.

Sure, it can be painful for some at the beginning, but they usually outgrow it.

In fact, anything that requires endurance starts from somewhere.
For anyone who has never done a proper push-up, even 5 repetitions is a torture.
However, if he/she wants to get stronger arms and chest muscles, one has to build up and do more.

But does one just stop doing push-ups because the initial 5 were difficult and tough?
What about the desire to get stronger muscles?

The sore and ache will pass, and we can slowly add on more repetitions as we get stronger.
The key is to keep pressing and adding on, no matter how slow our progress.

(RSV, Matt 25:29)

For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.

The Parable of the Talents speaks of using what God had given us and using it well.
Never mind that some are given less than others – The key is to use it.

Take note that this can also be applied to simple things like reading His word!
We experienced this as young believers when we were first introduced to the bible.

Some devoured the word, reading chapter after chapter.
Others, with less stamina or for reasons such as glaring lights or fatigue, manage only a page or two.
Then, there is a group of us who simply gave up reading the word because reading puts us to sleep. 

Don’t stop!

If your limit is one chapter, then read a chapter a day!

If it’s one page, then read one page a day! If, like me, you fall asleep halfway, fret not.

Simply continue when you wake up. 

Just don’t stop!

Maintain your momentum for a week or 2, or 3, and increase it from there.
You will soon discover that over time, it gets easier and more fulfilling to read God’s love letter for you.

Remember, our body is given to us by God.
No ability, stamina or talent is too small for impact.
Be like the servants who invested in the talents given and gained returns on investments. 

Take care NOT to end up like the one who did nothing because he was too afraid to take risks.
The warning is clear.
By not using the talent given, it can be taken away and that is something I would wish upon no one.

Reflection and Prayer Points:

  1. Have you taken for granted that your spiritual food is allowed to be missed on certain days?
    What steps can you take to close that gap?
  2. Make a fresh commitment with God about setting time aside to read His word and find someone to keep you accountable to it!

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