Written by Jessica Puerto (Florida, USA)

Jessica Peurto is a single momma of two blessed girls and a full time paralegal, from Florida, USA. She loves to help others and cannot stand injustice. Her passions include running and worshipping the Lord. She has seen God’s hand through His healing, protection and provision.

August 3, 2021

Everyone that has breath should praise the Lord.
We weren’t given breath to complain, to curse others or to put others or yourself down. 

“Let everything that has breath and every breath of life praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! (Hallelujah!)”

Psalms 150:6 

We were given breath to praise him. 

We were given breath to worship him. 

We were given breath to proclaim his HOLY NAME. 

We were given breath to set the captives free. 

We were given breath to declare the name of Jesus which will uproot and destroy generational curses, bring healing to the sick, bring salvation to the lost.  

We were given breath to give words of love and of encouragement to others. 

We were given breath to worship as one. We are to come together under the authority of the One who gave it all, as a united KINGDOM FAMILY.

Remember that every time you inhale and exhale, it is GOD’S breath in your lungs.
It is a
heavenly gift each time you gasp for air as you run towards the finish line. 

In fact, you are a heavenly gift to the world.
NEVER DOUBT that you are loved and have been called for a purpose.
Do not for a moment think that your life is meaningless, that you have been forgotten and that your sin is too great to be forgiven.

There is One, whose name is above all names, who knitted you in your momma’s womb.
The same One who defined a purpose for you, before that time.
You, my friend, have been wonderfully made, and set apart to fulfil what GOD has called you to do. 

So next time you run, and inhale and exhale as you give it all you got to reach your goal, remember that the breath in your lungs was defined for a purpose.
Your purpose must be called out into existence.

There is power in every breath that you take just like there is power in every word you utter from your lips. 

Through the breath of God’s spoken word, the earth was formed with goodness (Genesis 1-2) and through that same breath, Jesus will slay the lawless one at His second coming (2 Thessalonians 2:8).

You must push forward, with one foot in front of the other.
Breathe as you fulfil the purposes GOD has called up in you, and as you reach your finish line strong in the Lord.  Amen! 

Points for Reflection & Prayer:

  • Have you been doubting about God’s love for you?
    Read Romans 8 31-39 and allow God to speak to you. 
  • What are you using the breath that you have in you for today?
    Have you been misusing it for selfish agendas or purposes e.g. gossip, cursing, quarrels, slander etc.?

    Take time to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal, surface and bring it to the presence of God in repentance.
  • Meditate on the verse Psalms 150:6.
    Bring it with you during your runs/walks, or into your prayer closets and let the breath of God fill you and flow through you as you pray.

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We all know to ask and to pray.
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Or if God already knows, then “A.S.K. for what?”
Even so, although we know to ask, do we know what to ask for?



You can run at your pace and chat with God as and when you feel inspired to.
Do you know what’s better?
It’s ok when you’re digging deep, tackling a steep hill and your words are few, because God hears our heart.

Designed to Worship

Designed to Worship

We are designed to worship Him all the way to the finish line by racing to the best of our ability and giving it our all.
In this race of life, we have one shot.
Knowing this, how are you going to run?

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    • Daryl

      Hi Venora!
      Amen!! Glad you are blessed.

      Where you from and how you got to know about Kingdom Runners.?
      Hope to connect more with you.


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